Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Get it while the gettins good

So I told you I'd be doing a tip of sorts on Tuesdays, and I also wanted to try to bring you a little inspiration (if I was so inclined to find some myself), well, it's Wednesday, but I gotta little of both for ya.

My darling friend, Heather, has FINALLY launched a little holiday bidness. She is the Christmas decorating diva and makin a little profit has been a long time coming for her. Check-out her website to see about some precious trees, wreaths, holiday decorating, etc. If you've never experienced the Hayward Home at the're missing out. It's a regular North Pole. Heather is Miss Merry Christmas and has a true knack for holiday decor.

HEATHER'S HOLIDAY HELPERS (click here for the link)

So, there's my tip this week, as well as my inspiration. I applaud a momma that is staying home to raise her babies and bringing in a little summin, summin on the side. Keeps the hubs happy and keeps her feeling like a contributor. I like it. Now, just need to find my own gig!


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