Monday, November 15, 2010


The Chief and I rolled out to Norman for a little gameday action this weekend. We were hopin to wreck Tech, and that we did! For those of you unfamiliar, Norman is in God's country. In it's truest sense. It's a lot of Baptist that say they don't hate or do anything un-Godly, but let me tell you...that's a lie. And, please, have faith in me...I'm a Catholic that's not judgin. Trust. I drink, swear and occasionally do things unbecoming of a lady. But, I have seen this with my own two eyes. Two problems with this projected perfect behavior: OSU and Texas. I'm certain there are some grown men that pray for serenity and patience when it comes to their thoughts during THE SEASON. Sometimes it works and sometimes it don't.

Inside Norman, Oklahoma is the greatest university, as far as I'm concerned. The University of Oklahoma. I had the most perfect college experience. I have lots of lifelong friends and wonderful memories from my days on campus. It's always a good time going back...pretending I'm still 20 and gettin my Campus Corner on. To hear the band play, drink colbeer, be with the husband and besties...nothin better for a fall Saturday.

So long as the tater tot gets into a good school and is happy that's all I ask. But...going to OU and pledging Theta would realllllly sweetin the deal. Just sayin. I can't swear I won't re-live the glory days on the lawn of her rent house. And I would be willing to bet some of her "aunties", uncle and real aunt would be right in the big middle of it too. Nothing like livin through your child...

Here's the scoop on Oklahoma. There are no professional sports teams. That means, every rich rancher, country bumpkin, alumi, college student and Dallas-ite shows up at the game. It's a total sight to see. There are beer bellies and barely dressed co-eds. The energy is unparalleled. I. LOVE. IT. We have season tickets and sadly, I haven't been in two years. The one game we tried to make last year was slashed by the Swine Flu post our Paris trip. This year, it was our first time away from the babes, and we were ready to roll. We dropped her with Mimi and Pops and were northbound 35 by 9:30 am! It was a fabulous gameday. We drove fast, listened to loud music and acted like kids that had just sneaked out from our parents' house.

Adrian Peterson is #28 for the Minnesota Vikings. He's also a Sooner. A lifetime celebrity in Norman. People dig that shit here.

And to sum it up, the best quote of the season, by none other than Brian Maynard. "We destroy fools in Norman." And that we do. OU 45, Tech 7.




  1. i'm so sad i missed you all! next time you are in norman we should meet up! oh and a little correction to your post... we do have an nba team :) okc thunder!! woo hoo big time! p.s. loved the birth announcement!! precious!

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  3. Wow, now that was an intense read & loved it! Sorry we couldn't make it but we will plan for next weekend for sure!!! Glad to see you're all doing well :)