Thursday, December 16, 2010

On a major delay

Hey all my peeps-
Here's the fried and burned to the ground. Metaphorically, it didn't really catch fire. So, santa's elf had to replace. Hence, the major delays in posts lately. The old computer was struck by a virus and would decide to shut itself off ALL THE TIME. Annoying. Very annoying.

Buying a new computer falls into the category of "never a good time to drop a wad on this." Other items in that category, as far as I'm concerned. Buying tires for your car. Paying a CPA fee. Purchasing a vacuum. Paying property taxes. Hiring a tree trimmer. Fixing foundation issues.
This was a more fun purchase than most listed above, but still...not ideal timing. We went with a Mac, and it's super sweet, but I don't know how to do a damn thing on it yet. Learning curve. Be patient.

I've also started a new part-time job. I'll be doing some HR work for 14 McDonald's stores around the DFW Metroplex. Keeps The Chief happy and keeps me able to buy little lovlies like this. Yes, leggings, tutu and knee pads all included. Who could resist?
I just started and mainly completed my Christmas shopping yesterday. Yes, all in one day. ALL. Anyone ever tried that? I. DO. NOT. RECOMMEND. I was sans a kiddo and my sled was flying 'round town like a G6. It was psycho.

My day rounded off with some serious wine with a darling momma friend. We concluded that no one tells you about the guilt that comes along with being a mom. NO. ONE. Everyone shares the little tid-bits like, "You'll never sleep again." True. Very true. "You can't just get up and go anymore." Yip, that's for sure. It's a miracle if I can make it by the drycleaners and Target in one stint. "You never knew you could love like this." No words can explain that.
But what they don't say is how flipping guilty you can feel about EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. Anyone feelin me? Does that ever go away?

In other news, the little princess is about to be baptized. We had her baptism class at church this past weekend. To be honest, I was dreading it a bit. But, it could not have come at a better time. It was such a wonderful, information filled, fulfilling class. I'm more restored and renewed and ready to tackle the holidays as better mom with a good, loving attitude!

And lastly, Jules is really starting to embrace her love of music. Current favorite band: U2.

Hope you all are enjoying the merriment this season.


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  1. Love this picture of Jules! And, I always love reading your blog. You crack me up and I can totally imagine sitting in your living room and you talking to me just the way you type...priceless!