Tuesday, July 26, 2011


What "they" say is true...children teach you patience. And test it too.
Strapping-in this wiggle worm while it's a blazing 105 degrees isn't the easiest thing. Make-up running down my face. Sunglasses slipping off my nose. Sweat dripping behind my knees. Deep breaths and one look at this pop-tart, and I continue to melt like butta. So yes, what "they" say is true. Patience. I gain a little more each day. Thank God. As I almost came across the counter and slapped an extremely rude sales person I was thankful for the newly found patience. I didn't want to get into a brawl in front of my precious, innocent child, but about a year ago I would have likely caused a scene.

I hope you're surviv' the heat if you live in a climate where it's similar to an oven.

{As a disclaimer...I am very thankful and fortunate to stay home and take this bebe out during the day. I wouldn't trade it for a very cold corner office with a downtown view. I assume you take that as a given. }


Friday, July 22, 2011

Ahhhh yeah.

Take a looksie what Toll House brought out as a Limited Edition.
Best. Cookies. EVER.

I happen to have a preggers coming to stay with me this weekend. {I'm beyond excited, to say the least.} So when I revisited my pregnancy cravings all that came to mind were COOKIES. And then I spied these goodies at the store. I need to buy 100 packs and freeze them for the down the road. I bet I consumed no less than 10,000 cookies in the 9 months I was pregnant. No lie. COOKIE MONSTER. I'll be devastated when their limited time in the stores is over.

So go on, get to Wally Mart and get your scotchie on.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy, Happy Birthday!

HaPpY bIrThDaY to this guy...he's the best one we know!

And a shot of doodle because I couldn't help it.

Tomorrow's Friday....and better yet, some of my most favorites are coming to visit!!! Happy early weekend.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wrappin Up the Weekend...

We concluded today at lunch that this was the first day of total settlement for me since January 2010 (when I found out I was pregnant, then we tried to sell our house, then not sell our house, then settle in our house, then have a baby, then try to sell our house...again, buy another house, move, get a baby to sleep through the night, then unpack, then rip up rooms and re-do them, unpack some more and create a cozy little nest). So, yes, I think the husband was correct. Today was the first day I have actually felt settled. My kiddo sat in her high-chair eating her puffs and happy as a clam in high tide while we enjoyed some cocktails and ate lunch. Life is good. GOOD.
We wrapped up our great family day with a trip to the pool with our besties. Before we left we shot a few pretty in pink pictures. And I said I wouldn't do princess pink. So much for that...I think this clearly states pink and princess.
I am, however, sticking to no small children on my white chairs. This was a major, MAJOR exception to the rule.

Hope you all had a happy weekend yourselves!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Masta' Phase One

We're still workin on warmin it up over here...but making significant strides. Me thinks.
We left a smaller house with lots of warmth with wood floors throughout. Bigger rooms and cream carpet are proving hard to make cozy. We've gone with some bold decisions here lately.

Here are the completion photos of the Master Bedroom Phase I.

Remember these beauties I snagged for $2.20 each? Jes, that is a pack n' play in the reflection. Hence the Phase I indication, which means there is a Phase II that we haven't tackled just yet.

And remember these sad guys? The husband was pretty positive I was crazy when I showed up with 1980's office filing cabinets to be used for our nightstands. But it works, eh?

And lastly, the dreaded "BEFORE" shot. Brrrrr, I'm cold just looking at this pitiful pearl.

Verdict? You like? Too dark?



Top O' The Mornin!

I'm the guest today over at My Little Happy Place....check it out!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Thirty one days is more than a typical month. MONTH. I was born on the 31st day of March. I can guarantee you that on the first of April the first of March seemed like an eternity past to my mom.

Yes, I'm about to go off on Casey Anthony.

I've learned a lot about our justice system in the past few days. It appears in cases like this, that it's more about planting reasonable doubt in the jurors' minds than it is proving someone innocent. Our system has been working for a long time, so I guess this is the way it should be. But in this case, it seems a little faulty.
  • The smell of death in the truck could equal she took out her trash using her trunk. (I thought she lived at home in a suburban neighborhood. Do they not pick-up your trash? Where in the world was she taking the trash? She couldn't seem to find her child for 31 days, I can't believe she was on top of chores like discarding the trash. Just sayin.)
  • The piece of duct tape could have been used to tape the jaw together after decomposition of the body rather than used for suffocation.
  • Casey could have been scared to go to authorities for fear of her father after the accidental drowning of Caylee.
I'm still not sure how they are justifying the Internet search of "neck breaking" and "how to make chloroform". And not calling the police for a month? And then lying to them when she finally did call? And I guess her out partying while her daughter was missing and kissing up on a bunch of trashy girls is not a direct connection to murdering your child, but just very, very, very strange and odd behavior for a mother? And the tattoo of Bella Vita...I guess that's just something you might have tattooed on your back as you can't seem to locate your child? Seems reasonable, eh? No, no its does not. Not at all, actually.

Sounds like a bunch of malarkey to me, but I wasn't on the jury. Thank goodness...we'd still be deliberating, and I wouldn't budge on the fact that she needed to be locked away for a very, very, very long time.

Did you all catch the alternate juror on The Today Show this morning? He basically said he thought she did it, but that the prosecution didn't prove their case well enough. They didn't fully connect the dots. (I'm sorry, I didn't know you needed a lot of connection after just hearing she didn't call the police until her child was missing for THIRTY ONE DAYS.) He said the prosecution didn't supply a motive or a definite cause of death. Then when Matt Lauer asked if she got away with murder he said she did not. So which is it? She didn't do it or she did, but the prosecution didn't provide a video tape of her doing it? I'm confused.

Personally, I think that girl is guilty as sin. I don't think her father ever molested her. I don't think she had some terrible upbringing that caused her to be a pathological liar, and I don't think that little girl drowned in the family swimming pool. I think little Caylee didn't fit into her mother's 19 year old partying lifestyle. I think she got pregnant and loved that little girl, but got tired of being a responsible mom. She didn't like choosing her child over herself. I think there might have been some abuse in the years prior and Caylee might have been getting old enough to start talking about it. Just my theory. No matter what happened, that little girl should have never been found as a bag of bones in a swamp. NEVER.

I can't believe out of seven women on the jury that they so quickly decided to let her walk. That was shocking. At the very least is it not neglect? Abuse? She didn't report her child missing for 31 days. THIRTY-ONE DAYS. If I couldn't find my child for 31 seconds I would panic. Caylee was 2.5 years old. Three minutes is a long time for her to be walking around the house alone.
It's all very sad. I hope that all this indication that Mr. Anthony is a monster isn't true. And I hope that Casey and the defense team can clear their conscious of all of that. That's a terrible thing to try to pin on someone and especially your own dad.

I hope justice is one day found for Caylee, but sadly, I don't think that will ever happen. The least we can do is pray her little soul is in heaven and maybe that's a better place than where it landed on earth.