Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wrappin Up the Weekend...

We concluded today at lunch that this was the first day of total settlement for me since January 2010 (when I found out I was pregnant, then we tried to sell our house, then not sell our house, then settle in our house, then have a baby, then try to sell our house...again, buy another house, move, get a baby to sleep through the night, then unpack, then rip up rooms and re-do them, unpack some more and create a cozy little nest). So, yes, I think the husband was correct. Today was the first day I have actually felt settled. My kiddo sat in her high-chair eating her puffs and happy as a clam in high tide while we enjoyed some cocktails and ate lunch. Life is good. GOOD.
We wrapped up our great family day with a trip to the pool with our besties. Before we left we shot a few pretty in pink pictures. And I said I wouldn't do princess pink. So much for that...I think this clearly states pink and princess.
I am, however, sticking to no small children on my white chairs. This was a major, MAJOR exception to the rule.

Hope you all had a happy weekend yourselves!


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  1. I cannot handle that is too cute! Please frame that life-size somewhere in your home.