Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Cards

This is what the office looks like. Christmas cards, envelopes, return address labels, markers and trash.

This year I've decided to address my Christmas cards myself. In years past I have used computer labels, which leaves zero personalization from me. Not that addressing the cards myself is all that personal, but at least it allows me a moment to actually think about the family in which I'm mailing the card.

I read about great tradition I want to share with you. Take one Christmas card each night and pray for that family as you say your dinner-time prayers. Continue this throughout the year. As for this family, we're going to try it! Send me your Christmas card...I love receiving them, and it will get ya one extra prayer!




  1. I can tell these are going to be so precious, and I can't wait to get ours! The card from the Casa Portu-Giese is.....candid this year, since the girls were bent on ruining my sweet photography vibe ;)
    Love the prayer tradition, we'll try it, too!

  2. What a great idea! I'd love to try it! :-)