Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Guess who turned ONE!

My little angel cake! We had a BIG day of celebrating! I only got a little weepy for a short time. Mainly, thinking about my dad not being here to see this little sweet pea grow-up. But moving on from depressing far as the actual event of my baby turning one, I was rather cheery about it. We celebrated! We made new traditions, and we felt accomplished. We were excited that we made it this far. There were days we could hardly keep our eyes open and hadn't showered or brushed our teeth in too long to admit. But, things are looking up! We have this deal down (most of the time!). The first six months were a blur, the last six months have been so much fun. And every day since has been even more so. Seeing Julia grow and her personality shine is the most beautiful thing.

Birthday Eve started with breakfast and ice cream!

And then it was onto the real show. The day began with balloons! Lots and lots of balloons! And throughout the day more and more bouquets of them arrived, along with cards, gifts, cookie was unlike any other day! It was lots of fun!!

And then we spied a new buggy! In the last 48 hours I have learned we will be taking LOTS of rides in the new car.

The amount of excitement here was beyond words...such a fun morning!

OBSESSED with the new wheels!

And then we ate pancakes!

All dolled up for the special day and visit to the aquarium!

I think there was a nightmare around 5:30 am about this guy!

Seeing this little girl standing up-right with shoes and a dress on never gets old. I can't believe she's so big!

Ready for some lunchies!

After dinner there was cake!

LOVE the cake!

And VERY sad when dad took it away.

But then mom came to the rescue.

And dad made it even better with a swim in the tub.

And after the tot went to bed that night mom and dad celebrated the year! What better night to pull out the china and reminisce? Do you spy the photobook I made? Clinton hadn't viewed it yet...he was waiting for her birthday. He's like that...doesn't want to spoil anything too early.

And the next day after school the buggy was STILL fun!!

What a day and what a year! Thank you all for walking this journey...I hope for many, many more fun and exciting years ahead.



  1. Love it!! Happy Birthday Julia ;)

  2. What a sweet special day! I LOVE that you and Clint had your own party! That little Jules is so lucky and precious!